West Rockport Baptist Church

Mission & Values

Water baptism during a Sunday service at West Rockport Baptist Church

Water baptism during a Sunday service at West Rockport Baptist Church


We are vitally committed to having inspiring worship as we celebrate who God is and what He has done. We must focus on God in our worship rather than the satisfaction of our own personal needs. Biblical worship is dynamic and not passive and, therefore, congregational participation in worship is essential. Believing that the people of God should “honor one another,” we will seek to have corporate worship with a blend of musical styles.

In all cases, the worship and music must glorify God and exalt Jesus Christ. We are prayerfully committed to striving for authentic biblical worship so that our corporate worship is not supplanted by the entertainment culture where the emphasis is one of performance and taste, rather than God-centeredness.


We are vitally committed to the ongoing discipleship of every believer to Jesus Christ. A necessary evidence of this discipleship is a commitment to an assembly of believers. We firmly believe that all believers should be part of a local fellowship and take the important step of public identification with that body of believers in membership and faithful attendance. In this commitment to the local fellowship, we strongly assert the role of the Pastor and Deacons in giving leadership to the congregation, including the boards, committees, and ministries of WRBC. The New Testament makes it clear that spiritual leaders are to lead, shepherd, and guard local churches.

Another evidence of discipleship is growth in Christian maturity. Believing that the new birth instills a new desire for holiness, we encourage believers in the individual and corporate practice of habits of holiness such as worship, fellowship, prayer, Bible reading, practicing the ordinances, mutual accountability, giving financially, ministry, evangelism and missions.

In promoting spiritual maturity we stress the absolute necessity of the Scriptures and the message of the gospel. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and is the divinely authoritative Word of God. Scripture alone is the inerrant rule of the life of West Rockport Baptist Church. We believe, therefore, that the Bible must be taught and preached in the church. We are committed to preaching the gospel, “Jesus Christ and Him crucified,” to the lost and saved alike.

In addition to commitment to a local fellowship and spiritual maturity, another evidence of discipleship is a commitment to minister to other believers. We believe that all believers of all ages are spiritually gifted and commanded to “use whatever gift he has received to serve others.”


We are vitally committed to the great task of evangelism and missions. We believe that God desires to work through us to reach all the world with the “gospel of our Lord Jesus,” beginning with our own “Jerusalem” and continuing to the “ends of the earth.” Therefore, we take seriously the great commission to evangelize and disciple the lost world at home and overseas.

We will seek to not only proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by which alone sinners are saved, but also to display the gospel in our daily lives. West Rockport Baptist Church is committed to being a church with a “global vision” seeking to identify, send, pray for, help, encourage, train, support, and minister to those who are called by God for either short-term or long-term evangelism and missions.